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The Eye Charm

The Eye Charm

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THE EYE Charm.

1.5x1.5cm approx Charm.

3x3cm approx Medallion.

18kt Gold. Fine jewelry plus high quality color enamels.


Learn to see, beyond the obvious. This re-interpretation of the protective Evil Eye by AT, is a celebration of her philosophy of Believing to See. Of rerouting and uplifting our hearts and paths a million times if needed in life. Knowing that what you put out there at the end of the road is what you receive. A reminder of our connection with our third eye and learning to tap into our own essence, return to center. The world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Energy Protector.


AT Jewelry is meant to be worn as Amulets, Talismans or Keepsakes given with love.All pieces are handcrafted upon request in Spain. Lead time 2 weeks.


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