Angelica is an Abstract Artist & Designer with a Universal heart and vision. Joy, boldness, charm & elegance is what characterises Angelica Tcherassi's approach. AT believes in the power of color and form to uplift the human spirit.

An unshakeable joie de vivre. Dreaming with her eyes wide-open. Her products, interiors and lifestyle give voice to a unique eclectic approach in which all merges to perfection. Tcherassi works as an Artist and Independent Product Designer with a worldwide heart and vision. Believer of Love and Light as a way to evolve in our human consciousness, knowing ourselves in order to give our best versions out into the world. For AT is not about the destination is about the journey and the lessons we learn along the way.

The overlapping of craftsmanship and art play an important role in her designs as well as materials and the functionality within itself. For Angelica it is vital that through her designs we connect with our own resilience, positivity, abundance, love and understanding that life happens for us not to us. Injecting Goodvibes into spaces and our daily lives is a choice, its a lifestyle. 

Learning to see the world with a new set of eyes each day. Having a CumLaden in Composition and Design her unique mix and match of color and forms, grants special touch of Umph and wonder to life itself, turning the Ordinary into ExtraOrdinary.