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A New Universe

A New Universe

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"A New Universe", transports the owner to a magical world full of light and love through abstract colourful forms. In it we applied many of AT symbols, such as: the Beetle (to represent resilience and transformation in life), the double 8 seal (which represents abundance and inner power) the lightning bolt (the light that we all carry inside), the lips, hearts and the poppy flowers (to remind us that all we need is Love), a pyrite stone (to attract luck and money) and finally the stars, the faces, the eyes, and the galaxy to NOT forget that "We are All One" and that we are all connected more than we can imagine. This shoe will remind us of our inner power, a universal force that sustains us all and the magic of Believing in the Beauty of Our Dreams.

AT´s collaboration with Momoc shoes, has made me very excited, since it is my first pair of shoes as Angelica Tcherassi. And what better than doing it with a brand with which I share many values.


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